Watch Ritchie Blackmore’s Lockdown Performance

Watch Ritchie Blackmore’s Lockdown Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Blackmore's Night and their parody of Diamonds and Rust - Alexander Pronyakin / Youtube

Ritchie Blackmore and wife Candice Night did their part in social distancing but didn’t give up their musical passion in a performance of “Vacuum and Dust” at the Minstrel Hall. This is a revised version of “Diamonds And Rust”, rewritten to fit the current coronavirus predicament. The video description reads: “Live from Minstrel Hall. New music for your quarantine. Revisit of one of Ritchie And Candice favorites Diamonds and Rust..reinvented as Vacuum and Dust. Inspired by David Coverdale. Stay home, stay safe, stay sane, stay tuned. More updates to come!”

The two musicians comprise Blackmore’s Night, a traditional folk-rock act, which had roots when the two met in 1989. Night was an avid Rainbow fan and asked Blackmore for an autograph, which led to the two becoming friends, who frequently talked about shared interests such as music, travel, history, ghosts, and philosophy. The two eventually lived together since 1991, with Night participating in Blackmore’s musical commitments like Deep Purple and Rainbow. The two eventually formed Blackmore’s Night, where Candice did most of the songwriting for their debut Shadow Of The Moon, also providing lead vocals for the catalog.

Click on the video below to watch Blackmore’s Night and their lockdown number.