Dave Grohl Revisits Time He Was Refused Entry To Pantera’s Strip Club

Dave Grohl Revisits Time He Was Refused Entry To Pantera’s Strip Club | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Dave Grohl in an interview with Lars Ulrich - Beats 1 / Youtube

In another installment of Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and his Dave’s True Stories series – an effort to be productive in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, he recalls the time he was refused entry into Pantera’s strip club. This was after they had a 200-mile detour with Dimebag Darrell and the rest of the gang.

The two bands met during 1998’s Ozzfest, where they partied backstage after their sets. Before parting ways, Vinnie Paul gave him a card as an invitation to Pantera’s strip club, the Clubhouse. But just as they were already a hundred miles or so on the way to the club, Grohl realized that he left his wallet – which he referred to as Fort Knox – at a gas station, which meant no chance at entry into the club.

“‘ID, please.’ The doorman stood there … waiting for me to do that old familiar ‘slap’ on the back pocket everyone does before whipping out their own trusty Fort Knox. Shit! I looked at Taylor, eyes wide in shock. He returned my panicked expression. All the blood rushed from my face. Tears welled up in my eyes. I began to tremble with fear. … ‘I lost my wallet in Barstow, sir,’” he recalled.

“Silence. A long, pregnant pause that made the ice age seem like a TikTok video. Then the words I most dreaded, more than the grim reaper himself, spilled from the doorman’s sneer: ‘Sorry, bud, can’t let you in without ID.’ Taylor jumped in and pleaded, ‘But, but, but … we’re friends with Pantera!’ The man looked up with his cold, dead eyes and growled, ‘Everyone’s friends with Pantera. Sorry,’” Grohl continued.

Grohl never got the chance to join Pantera in their own strip club, but managed to reclaim his wallet years later as the gas station owners managed to keep it for him. “Dime and Vinnie had since passed on to the great gig in the sky, but every memory I have of them is a joyous one. They are missed by many, but their legacy lives on. … They would have been your friends too,” the Foo frontman concluded.