3 Albums To Listen To If You Like “Frampton Comes Alive!”

3 Albums To Listen To If You Like “Frampton Comes Alive!” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Frampton Comes Alive! album cover - Peter Frampton / Youtube

Peter Frampton’s enigmatic rise to the top of the rock scene came after his time in Humble Pie and Herd. The guitarist did what wasn’t quite explored through that time, as this double album showcased his live musicianship on another level. Classic hits were stretched into lengthy jams that packed quite the punch, along with the iconic talkbox incorporated into his performance – it’s no wonder why Frampton Comes Alive! is considered one of the greatest live albums of all time. That being said, here are other catalogs you might dig if you liked this Frampton special.

“Live Bullet” – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (1976)

Recorded at Detroit’s Cobo Hall, Live Bullet was the manifestation of Bob Seger’s years of album-writing and touring in support of such catalogs. Backed by the Silver Bullet Band, Bob Seger goes down hard on his classics like “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” and “Turn The Page”, making them the perfect rockers they were destined to be – in a live setting, no less.

“The Song Remains The Same” – Led Zeppelin (1976)

This is Led Zeppelin’s live soundtrack album captured in their prime years for a film of the same name. The love and hate affair brought on by the rather inconsistent level of performance by the band haunts it to this day though, but not without acclaim. “Dazed And Confused” should do the talking quite well.

“Live” – Foghat (1977)

Ambitious is what you’d call Foghat Live. But as they say, if it works, it works -and work it did, as this live album has all of the band’s solid rockers in a tightly-orchestrated yet seamless flow. Tracks like “Honey Hush” and “Slow Ride” are already scathing compositions enough but are taken to another level with the live setting of this album.