Watch Restored Video Of 1970 “Something In The Way She Moves” By James Taylor

Watch Restored Video Of 1970 “Something In The Way She Moves” By James Taylor | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via James Taylor / Youtube

The way singer/songwriter James Taylor crafts his work is truly phenomenal. While he often uses modest styles when it comes to making songs, it’s deemed worthy of appreciation and love for what it’s worth. In this one video of his inside the BBC2 series “Disco 2,” Taylor will make you fall in love with his surreal performance of “Something in the way She Moves.”

You might be familiar with its title since it’s the opening line from the George Harrison-penned classic “Something” by The Beatles, but Taylor got the hold first. “Something In The Way She Moves” is a love ballad written by Taylor for his former girlfriend at that time, who gave him such a calming presence in life. It’s the song that Taylor used when he auditioned for the Beatles’ Apple Records with Paul McCartney and Harrison present, thus giving Harrison an impression to write a song about its first line.

The simplicity of its arrangement is so remarkable; no wonder Harrison fell in love with it. With no backing band to help him perform, Taylor’s voice and his acoustic guitar complemented each other. There’s no doubt that this man truly is a precious gem inside the music industry.

You can watch James Taylor’s performance of “Something In The Way She Moves” here.