Relive The Legend Of Bert Jansch Perform the Folk Classic “Blackwaterside”

Relive The Legend Of Bert Jansch Perform the Folk Classic “Blackwaterside” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via GtrWorkShp / Youtube

British folk guitarist Herbert “Bert” Jansch became one of the artists that helped the revival of the British folk genre in the 60s. Truly an inspiration to many, he studied the ways of the guitar instrument, helping the enthusiasts learn how to do it, while also appreciating the world inside the folk songs.

It was in the year 1965 that Jansch released his first solo album. In the years of his career, he was often referred to as the British counterpart of Bob Dylan, who also rose to prominence being the forefront of folk songs in the 60s decade as well. Jack Orion was Jansch’s 3rd album, which contained his first recording of “Blackwaterside,” a traditional song that he’d picked up from singer Anne Briggs from years of collaborating with her.

The song became famous, thus giving Jansch a push on his career. Jansch’s version of the song impressed Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page so much that he took it and created another version for his band to record inside their debut album Led Zeppelin.

He’s a hero of many famous artists such as Page, Paul Simon, Johnny Marr, and many more. To commemorate the legacy of the beloved singer/songwriter, let us watch this Bert Jansch’s performance of “Blackwaterside” below.