Watch Linda Ronstadt’s Best Performances Compilation

Watch Linda Ronstadt’s Best Performances Compilation | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via moonlightmusic / Youtube

It’s so hard to pick the best performance when it comes to rating Linda Ronstadt’s career. The 75-year-old singer has had an impressive background during her career heyday, singing her rendition to some of rock’s most beloved classics. There’s no song that she can’t handle at all; whether it’s an original or a cover version from another singer, we can all agree that she is a cut above the rest.

Now taking her time to rest due to her struggles from a degenerative condition later determined to be progressive supranuclear palsy, she took her final bow at a live concert back in 2009, which makes it more than 10 years since we last heard the singer’s remarkable and versatile voice.

But if you’re out here missing the “greatest female singer of rock and roll,” then you might want to watch this compilation of all the best performances from the one and only star. The compilation video was made from a YouTube channel named moonlightmusic, which made sure to compress all the unforgettable moments of Ronstadt during her musical zenith. Most of the performances are from when she is young, full of youth and glow as she blew the minds of the listening audience with her vocal prowess. She is more than just a pretty face indeed. The 24-minute-long video will make you awe with excitement, especially if you love to dig a good, ol’ Linda Ronstadt performance.

You can watch the compilation video here.