Relive Joan Jett’s “Jeepster” Cover From T. Rex

Relive Joan Jett’s “Jeepster” Cover From T. Rex | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via T.Rex / Youtube

Joan Jett, well-known for her epic renditions to many classic rock songs, has dropped another cover, this time with T. Rex’s “Jeepster.”

The singer, famous for her no. 1 hit cover “I Love Rock and Roll” in 1982, lent her voice to pay tribute to one of glam rock’s greatest musicians, Marc Bolan of T. Rex. The track belongs to the tribute compilation named Angel Headed Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan and T. Rex. The album is a collection of 26 songs sung by rock’s famous musicians such as U2, Elton John, Todd Rundgren, Marc Almond, and many more rock stars, singing some of Bolan’s greatest hits under his tenure from the band.

The double album is produced by Hal Willner last year, who considered it as his “White Album.” Willner died in April this year due to COVID 19 complications.

As for Jett and her “Jeepster” rendition, it had a hint of the authentic glam rock tune, but with the singer’s raspy vocals and snarl that made it so good.

You can watch Joan Jett’s rendition to “Jeepster” below.