Watch ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ In Charlie Watts View

Watch ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ In Charlie Watts View | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Kawamoto Decchie / Youtube

Watching a legend do the things he’s good at is like earning a degree— it’s not going to be easy; it’s going to take a long time to learn, but hopefully, you’ll get there. This is exactly what you’ll feel if you see the iconic Charlie Watts beat the drums of this magnificent “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” song. Unbelievably incredible, if we must say.

You really couldn’t tell from a look with how much Charlie Watts’s power had when he’s not on the back of the kit. A simple man with a calm demeanor, he’s one of the most beloved drummers in the music industry for two reasons: he doesn’t quite live the rockstar stereotype, and at the same time, he’s a rock deity when he performs.

In this one particular Rolling Stones concert, a certain perspective can be observed only: Charlie Watts’s. The camera rarely pans to the other colossal idols such as Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, because this time, it’s Watts’s moment to shine.

Seeing how well he takes the beat and the thuds of the snare, it’s quite remarkable to see with your own eyes how well he really was at making timing, tapping the cymbals, and making changes on the grip. It’s enough reason to prove to you that this lovely man could blow your mind with his drumming abilities.  And he made it oh-so-effortlessly.

Watch and be blown away with Charlie Watt’s drumming below.