Watch John Fogerty Cover Bill Wither’s ‘Lean On Me’

Watch John Fogerty Cover Bill Wither’s ‘Lean On Me’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via John Fogerty / Youtube

John Fogerty has joined forces once more with his three children for their series of YouTube performance videos under the title: “Fogerty’s Factory.” The video was extra special since it was released as an amazing tribute to Father’s Day, 2020.

“This isn’t about politics, it’s about human rights. It’s about empathy. It’s about compassion,” Fogerty said for the introductory statement as he goes along and gives thanks to the young people who stood up from the current disaster that America had faced during that year. He then transitioned to sing a Bill Withers’ classic, “Lean On Me,” the most perfect song to relate to on the ongoing crisis.

After the fantastic performance from the four of them, the camera pans to a Winnie-the-pooh toy that has a visual sign that says: “Black Lives Matter.”

While in quarantine, John and his lovely family had been busy performing different songs to help inspire people who are struggling and suffering a lot from this worldwide pandemic. They are here to remind people that we are all in this together, singing classic songs, including the legend’s hits like “Proud Mary,” “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” and many more.

Watch the performance below.