Watch | John Fogerty & ZZ Top Studio Jam For “Blues and Bayous Tour”

Watch | John Fogerty & ZZ Top Studio Jam For “Blues and Bayous Tour” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Fogerty and Billy Gibbons live in 2018 - John Fogerty / Youtube

Relive the great moment when roots-rock trailblazers Creedence Clearwater Revival (represented by John Fogerty) and ZZ Top (with Billy Gibbons showing up) for an in-studio jam session of 2018’s Blues And Bayous Tour. The said tour swept across USA’s east and west coasts, giving blues, swamp, and Southern rock fans the time of their lives.

Fogerty is still widely active in the music scene, especially with his own family setup of Cosmo’s Factory/Fogerty’s Factory. The CCR frontman said of the collaboration, “ZZ Top is one of my favorite bands, and Billy F Gibbons is one of my all-time favorite guitarists. Riffs, blues and bayous… bucket list!”

Billy Gibbons pitched in regarding the said tour, “John Fogerty along with ZZ Top have been followers of blues and rock since the beginning and we’re looking forward to rippin’ it up together this spring. We’ve got a great show lined up for ya’!”

Watch the two duke it out the studio before they sold out shows in their 2018 tour by clicking on the video below!