Watch Janis Joplin’s Performance Take Over Germany

Watch Janis Joplin’s Performance Take Over Germany | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Janis Joplin performing To Love Somebody at the Dick Cavett show - reggaegirl1982 / Youtube

Unlike her fellow contemporaries, Janis Joplin didn’t care about sharing her talents in European countries. At one point, she thought her performance was scary to them and was quoted to have a “terrible time” whilst in the place.

“Nobody gets loose, and nobody rocks over there. They’re all so cerebral, they’re cerebral, do you know what I mean?” Joplin said in an interview.

Nevertheless, her assumption was merely a cultural shock for an American girl like Janis, since being distant sometimes correlates with being impressed. In the video performance of Janis Joplin inside a German concert below, a lot can be observed that’s truly inexplicable.

The footage shows Janis belting some outrageous vocals for a good 33 minutes. Classics such as “Summertime,” “Raise Your Hand,” and “Try (Just a Little Bit Harder),” were included in the set, with interviews transitioning in between. “Take Another Piece of My Heart” served as the perfect ending for a perfectly great concert.

Joplin’s three-octave vocal range was what everyone needed on a normal day to make it extra special. With her powerful voice and oozing charisma, she became the perfect portrait of what we could expect from the 60s: full of love and empowerment.

You can watch the performance below.