Watch How Insane Freddie Mercury’s Piano Skills Are

Watch How Insane Freddie Mercury’s Piano Skills Are | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Freddie Mercury performing – Freddie Mercury /YouTube

Freddie Mercury, is there anything that this guy can’t do?

Queen may be recognized for their remarkably superior approach to rock music, but besides the soaring vocal works of Mercury, he is also a well-known piano player who pours his heart out in front of the ivories. The piano became the lifeblood of the group’s records, and with Mercury’s on-point frolicking, it developed a more significant role rather than being a background rhythm of the orchestra.

As a tool used to compose his iconic songs, Mercury strives for excellence and does not miss a key at all. Some of the performances that Mercury made use of the instrument would be the legendary “Bohemian Rhapsody”, as well as his other works such as “We Are The Champions”, “Play The Game”, “The Millionaire Waltz”, “Seven Seas of Rhye” and many more. It’s one of the good reasons why Queen is the finest rock band ever.