10 Classic Rock Songs For The Broken Hearted

10 Classic Rock Songs For The Broken Hearted | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eric Clapton – aspirinsmoke /YouTube

Music has an immense power that can wonderfully erase the numbness inside you. Although you can’t hold it physically, yet, it can touch you to the very core. Whether you’re healing from a bad break-up, or you just need a good reason to cry, sad love songs is something that you want to indulge with inside your life.

10. “You See Me Crying” – Aerosmith

This power ballad song reeks heavily on melancholic longing. Steven Tyler’s vocals could develop the sense of your pain that makes you want to grab a tissue and bawl your eyes out.

9. “I Can’t Tell You Why” – The Eagles

There’s a heartbreaking tone that the song emanates, and it’s something that you might’ve experienced once if you knew the definition of real pain. Love that’s about to end? That’s the song’s theme.

8. “Love Hurts” – Nazareth

Nazareth wasn’t the first one to sing the song, and there’s a bunch of popular singers who also shoot their shot to this Roy Orbison’s classic, but they’re the ones who brought the song to life. With its title itself, you know it’s going to hurt you for real.

7. “Wild Horses” – Rolling Stones

Stones’ ballads have a knack of being messy, but “Wild Horses” could can your grip and prove you wrong. If you’re a grown man and you listen to this, it might make you cry even.

6. “All My Love” – Led Zeppelin

As opposed to Led Zeppelin’s usual regime of creating subtle songs about intercourse, it’s evident that this track was the contrast of such. The painfully remarked lyrics and the dose of sadness are not a thing to get overlooked at.

5. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Bonnie Raitt

How would react if you found out that the person you loved the most, didn’t even have the same feelings to reciprocate for you? That’s exactly the message that Raitt had melancholically delivered to us. It is straight-up heartbreaking.

4. “Yesterday” – the Beatles

This simple yet painstakingly hurtful record from the group has become one of the best sad love songs throughout generations. Paul McCartney had created this masterpiece full of sorrow and regret, all inside a 2-minute only track.

3. “Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell” – ZZ Top

Billy Gibbons delivered this melodramatic piece of blues at the right jam, at the right moment. Those aching lyrics couldn’t get any better.

2. “Pale Blue Eyes” – The Velvet Underground

This one masterpiece from Lou Reed’s heartbreak over his first love prickles your heart in general. It’s supposed to be goodbye for a love that is not meant to be built anymore, no matter how much you want it.

1. “Tears In Heaven” – Eric Clapton

This is the epitome of a classic tear-jerking song. It could tug all the strings of your heart and soul, and Clapton delivered it to perfection. It’s better to have tissues near you when you listen to this gem.