Watch Freddie Mercury Being Funny For 3 Minutes Straight

Watch Freddie Mercury Being Funny For 3 Minutes Straight | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Freddie Mercury's interview with David Wigg, 1985 - Media Collection / YouTube

Freddie Mercury’s quick wit and sassiness in every interview he managed to survive is something that will be remembered from him. Also, it’s always incredibly fun to watch the singer enjoy the best moments in his life on camera, whether you’re a fan of him or not.

A newly-emerged video on YouTube features the stunning Freddie Mercury on a compilation of his previous life like a rockstar. It contained some footage of his interviews with different journalists, and how he manages to provide wit and glamour to the people that surrounded him. It also showed the singer on random fun occasions of his life, whether from having a vacation or celebrating a party in celebration of the Queen. It’s always wonderful and amusing to see him smiling, laughing, and enjoying the life he once lived. And truth be told, it will never be forgotten.

Witness and have fun with Freddie’s humor here.