5 Iconic Paul McCartney Songs After The Beatles

5 Iconic Paul McCartney Songs After The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney in 1980 - PAUL McCARTNEY / Youtube

One of the great titans of the music industry, Paul McCartney, together with the Beatles changed the world with their music. Even more so after they broke up, McCartney continued to inspire and give influence to the young artists of the next generation with his remarkably amazing songs and stunning skills on the bass instrument. (aaplumbingsa.com) We present to you, the top 5 iconic songs of his post-Beatles career.

“Maybe I’m Amazed” McCartney (1970)

A tender ballad that signifies Paul’s love for his wife, Linda. He wrote this during the times when the Beatles’ future was uncertain, and Linda was there to pick him up. It became a signature song of Paul throughout the years.

“Too Many People” – Ram (1971)

After the controversial break-up of the Beatles, McCartney was the person to blame for his departure from the band. While it was only a rumor, a lot of people seemed to grip with that idea including John Lennon. And so Paul wrote a song about it. It highlights the singer’s ability to hide the negative lyrics under a blanket of its sweet tune.

“Jet” – Band On the Run (1974)

Jet was Linda and Paul’s black labrador dog, and that was the title inspiration. Inside Paul’s mind, he wanted to have a stadium-ready song, where people could bang their fists in the air. This was the song he created for that.

“Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” – Ram (1971)

This was the first chart-topping hit of McCartney post-Beatles. It draws inspiration to the Beatles’ medleys in their album Abbey Road. John Lennon admitted that he liked this one.

“Silly Love Songs” – Wings at the Speed of Sound (1976)

This was McCartney’s response to every people who criticized him for becoming a “starry-eyed fool” about these silly love songs. He had the last laugh when the song became a chart-topping hit.