Watch Foo Fighters, Roger Taylor, & John Paul Jones Perform “Under Pressure”

Watch Foo Fighters, Roger Taylor, & John Paul Jones Perform “Under Pressure” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Queen Rock Band / Youtube

Ever heard of a supergroup? Well, brace yourselves and prepare for an even bigger and better band labeled as a “super-duper group.”

We’ll say this more often and enough: Dave Grohl is living our dreams of performing with our rock heroes. It’s one thing that he’s friends with basically every legend you’d ever know in the arena of rock, let alone spend time with them and jam some classic tunes on-stage. Watch that dream come to life when Grohl’s band, Foo Fighters, got lucky to share the center stage with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Queen’s Roger Taylor for an unforgettable performance of Queen & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.”

It’s a lovely tribute to celebrate the birthday of Queen’s beloved frontman, Freddie Mercury, on the 5th of September, 2015. After introducing the artists to join them, Grohl began to express gratitude for this opportunity. “I don’t know if y’all have ever seen a supergroup. This is a ‘super-duper group.’ I don’t even know what to say because this kind of sh*t doesn’t happen every day. Let me just tell you that the Foo Fighters, right now, are living out our rock ‘n’ roll fantasy with you tonight.”

Taylor Hawkins skipped the drum duties for this one to make way for Taylor’s defying drumbeats and delivered Mercury’s lines for the song, in line with Grohl’s David Bowie’s song impression. It’s the one moment you shouldn’t miss!

Watch it here.