Watch Fanny Perform “Ain’t That Peculiar” In 1972

Watch Fanny Perform “Ain’t That Peculiar” In 1972 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Beat-Club / Youtube

Fanny broke gender norms inside the music industry; if it weren’t for this all-female band, little to no female rockstars wouldn’t have the courage to shine through. The band became popular in the 70s and didn’t subdue to the typical portrayal of girl groups and society’s high expectations from women at that point. It all went well for them, and Fanny achieved critical success with two top 40 singles inside their career.

Aside from singing originals, the band also loved to cover songs from different artists. One of their unforgettable renditions is a Motown hit named “Ain’t That Peculiar,” written by Smokey Robinson and his Miracles group, sung by soul musician Marvin Gaye. Fanny’s version became the first track of their third album called Fanny Hill, and although the song bore the same lyrics, it didn’t have the same arrangement as Fanny had Latin influences and a slide guitar solo from June Millington. It nevertheless has the right mood to praise.

The record hit the no. 85 spot at the US Billboard 100. It’s a great achievement for these 4 women who opened the minds of everyone that women can rock just as much as men do. You can watch their 1972 performance of “Ain’t That Peculiar” back in 1972.