Watch Emerson Lake & Palmer’s Last Performance

Watch Emerson Lake & Palmer’s Last Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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When prog-rock heroes Emerson, Lake & Palmer stormed the stage at the High Voltage Festival for their 40th-anniversary concert back in 2010, fans were extremely lucky to see the rock trio reunite once again for an epic set. But nothing lasts forever, as sadly, it turned out that the highly-anticipated concert would eventually become the last of the ELP.

In 2013, Carl Palmer explained how he felt that something was lacking in the band’s performance, which was their first since their final concert in 1998. Palmer admitted to hating the idea of their 5-weeks practice prior to the anniversary concert but still felt that it wasn’t anything good for him.

“Upon hearing the recordings, maybe five weeks was not long enough,” Palmer said. “It wasn’t to the standard that I liked, and I didn’t think it sounded that good.”

Even Greg Lake, who died in 2016, told Billboard in 2012 that the band’s chemistry was altogether lacking due to everyone being “a bit old in the tooth now.”

Still, one couldn’t shun away the magnificent show of Emerson, Lake & Palmer in the video provided below. While it’s impossible to revive the old trio back on the road again since Keith Emerson and Greg Lake’s news of death, at least we get to relive the legacy that these three progressive rock gods have bestowed upon us, by watching the video below.