Watch Documentary Going Back to Rolling Stones’ 1973 Australian Tour

Watch Documentary Going Back to Rolling Stones’ 1973 Australian Tour | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Chris O'Callaghan/ Youtube

It’s been 48 years since The Rolling Stones gave such remarkable performances from the land down under, Australia.

Back in 1973, the boys were constantly busy touring for what they named as their “Pacific Tour”, inspired by the set of countries that we included in the concert that borders the Pacific Ocean. Still fresh from the wounds of their scandalous affairs in their hometown, the Stones were supposedly not allowed to tour back in the country, but through the willpower of Immigration Minister Al Grassby, they were given the privilege, as long as they would use it in a rightful manner.

The interviews were filmed at the Montsalvat Castle in Melbourne, and the concert shown was from the Kooyong Tennis Courts, also in Melbourne.

The documentary, narrated by Jeune Pritchard, shows the series of what happened inside their tour, as the ABC crew followed them night and day. Pritchard duly described rather excellent points, and also gave a few opinions to the band members as well. An example of this would be her speculation of Stones’ Keith Richards, whom she referred to as a “Deadly Nightshade, who won’t live until 70.” It’s both hilarious and amusing to watch.

The film also highlights only disturbance that took place at Adelaide’s Memorial Drive Park concert, when some of the 5,000 fans clashed with police and 21 arrests were made.