Watch Cream’s Farewell Show In 1968

Watch Cream’s Farewell Show In 1968 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Mike Lefton / Youtube

Supergroups are all about the music and hype; it’s the unspoken rule when legendary artists come together and create a band. But along with this hype and outstanding catalog is the threat of egos in conflict— turning these rockstars against each other isn’t always a good thing, nevertheless, this became the norm. So, when Cream, the first-ever supergroup, decided to give their last hurrah as a band, fans couldn’t miss the opportunity to witness their final concert back in 1968.

It all happened inside the world’s most famous stage: London’s Royal Albert Hall. For over the span of 2 years, the success of the trio: Eric Clapton (guitar), Ginger Baker (drums), and Jack Bruce (bass) were immense; even as far as the people labeling them as gods in their own instrument. Yet, behind the success, there lie their own struggles. Baker and Bruce were known to butt heads, while Clapton got tired with the band’s dynamic of not listening to each other’s opinions on music. This, however, didn’t bother them when they began their finale concert on November 26, 1968, since the trio were willing to achieve the best.

Cream’s set for the night include their well-beloved hits such as “White Room,” “Toad,” “Politician,” and the phenomenal “Sunshine of Your Love,” that brought the band success in America. They also didn’t shy away on performing covers such as Skip James’ “I’m So Glad,” Mississippi Sheiks’ “Sitting on Top of the World,” Robert Johnson’s “Cross Roads,” Memphis Slim’s “Steppin’ Out,” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “Spoonful.” An empowering Ginger Baker drum solo was also laid in the middle of the set.

You can watch the concert below.