Watch Cream Perform ‘White Room’ In Their Farewell Show 1968

Watch Cream Perform ‘White Room’ In Their Farewell Show 1968 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via OLD TAPES / Youtube

The 60s witnessed the unfolding of the rock’s first supergroup— Cream. For two years that Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, and Jack Bruce collaborated, they conquered the world of music. Each of them showed masterful skills in their respective instruments: Bruce for bass, Clapton for guitar, and Baker for drums.

Tensions between Bruce and Baker started to rose, so the group decided to break up. Yet, they did it in the most fashionable way: a farewell concert to show mark their superiority still.

By the year 1968, Cream assembled at the Royal Albert Hall in London to conclude their disbandment with a momentous concert. The band had performed two nights at the said place and was highly regarded for its phenomenal times.

In the video below, they performed a classic Cream hit, “White Room.” Watch how magnificent they were in all their glory.