5 Essential Tracks From J. Geils Band

5 Essential Tracks From J. Geils Band | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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John Geils wanted to take the blues-rock to a whole new level, therefore it encouraged him to form a band that could satisfy his admiration for rock. R&B was fused to the lone sub-genre until the band got a successful following throughout the entirety of their gigs that they felt like it’s safe to explore radio-friendly songs. They were also among the in-demand live players in any shows and became a standard front-act to some of the greatest bands that rock has ever witnessed. Below, we’ll explore the 5 greatest songs from J. Geils’s band.


“Freeze-Frame” – Freeze-Frame

The band was still at the height of their success from “Centerfold” when they decided to release another single from their no. 1 LP. “Freeze-Frame” also shows the gritty 80s pop that made them so famous back in the day.

“Whammer Jammer” – The Morning After

In all its glory, “Whammer Jammer” could compete with any song that is tough to break. Its blues-oriented rock is a defining moment for the group, and although they switched to pop, later on, no one could inexplicably forget about this gem.

“Centerfold” – Freeze-Frame

“Centerfold” was among the early staple that made rounds on MTV. This J. Geils’s popular hit talks about a once-innocent girl who became the centerfold of a men’s magazine.

“Love Stinks” – Love Stinks

Albeit the strong scornful message about love, it is easily one of J. Geils’ most beloved songs. “Love Stinks” carries on a tune that is quite unforgettable, with a shoutable chorus that almost everyone could relate to.

“Flamethrower” – Freeze-Frame

“Flamethrower” is the B-side to “Freeze Frame” single from the album of the same name. Its hard boogie riff courtesy of their leader Geils is among the classic ones from the group.