5 Greatest Bee Gees Songs From The 70s

5 Greatest Bee Gees Songs From The 70s | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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What would the 70s music be, without the Bee Gees? Few groups have the power to create their own tone, and the Gibb brothers (Barry, Robin, and Maurice) managed to harmonize in the most recognizable manner. Sealing their legacy for many years to come, below, we’ll take a look at the 5 greatest Bee Gees songs from the 70s era.


“You Should Be Dancing” – Children of The World

The song cemented the trio to their disco fame and success. “You Should Be Dancing” shows the power of the group to harmonize, and Barry Gibb’s falsetto here is note-worthy.


“Stayin’ Alive” – Saturday Night Fever

There shouldn’t be a question why this single belongs to every Bee Gees list of greatest hits. Not only that this song is wildly popular among medical procedures for CPR, but it is also one of the finest, most recognizable Bee Gees song everywhere.

“Night Fever” – Saturday Night Fever

Another song that was well-used for the Saturday Night Fever movie. This disco staple helped mold the outcome of the movie, therefore boosting both Bee Gees & John Travolta’s careers.

“Jive Talkin’” – Main Course

Like any other group, Bee Gees needed to have another comeback. Therefore, they created “Jive Talkin’,” released as a part of the Main Course LP. This was arguably one of the songs in question where the Bee Gees are now shifting to its disco-pop tune.

“How Deep Is Your Love” – Saturday Night Fever

The whole world fell in love with this pop ballad that displays one of the greatest harmonies that the trio has given. It is used in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. This is also Barry’s favorite tune.