5 Greatest Tracks From Stephen Stills

5 Greatest Tracks From Stephen Stills | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Stephen Stills is a wonderful musician in his own right. Being a part of two famous rock bands (Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), it’s easy to associate his work with the two. However, Stills also have his own individual spark, and below, we’ll take you on a tour of his greatest tracks that could testify this. Enjoy!


“It Doesn’t Matter” – Manassas

Stills also created his own band Manassas, and they released an album that could satisfy your folk-rock cravings. The album was indeed a masterpiece, and if you’d listen to this song, you’d know why.

“Judy” – Everybody Knows

Former lovers and longtime friends Judy Collins and Stephen Stills decided to create an album and flex their platonic relationship. “Judy” was written by Stills for Collins.

“Dark Star” – CSN

The opening track to CSN’s side-two, “Dark Star” echoes the marital problems that Stills was having at this point, fused with Latin rhythms. It is also a fan favorite.

“Carry On” – Déjà Vu

CSNY’s 2nd studio LP, Déjà Vu gave the quartet their very own highest-selling album. “Carry On” served as the opening track for the album, and was well-praised for its catchy tune. Led Zeppelin was inspired by this when they wrote “Friends” for their Led Zeppelin III.

“Isn’t It So” – Stills Alone

Keeping everything simple, Stephen Stills decided to release “Stills Alone” which perfectly explains why he didn’t need much help from the others throughout the entirety of this LP. “Isn’t It So” is a classic album opener indeed.