Watch Billy Gibbons One-Handed Trick

Watch Billy Gibbons One-Handed Trick | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Michael Gadberry / Youtube

Billy Gibbons is a name worth remembering in your guitar hero checklist. The reverend is known for his knack for authentic guitar-playing that most musicians would love to imitate. But how could they ever imitate a magnificent player’s game?

Gibbons have long been a part of the blues and southern rock band, ZZ Top. Albeit being popular with his looks and sly humor, Gibbons actually proved to everyone that he’s no ordinary guitarist.

In this clip provided below shows just how wonderful Gibbons is on his guitar A-Game. The Reverend impressed the audience with the so-called “one-handed trick” of his, seemingly showing Gibbons’ talent on playing only the neck of the guitar while still slamming those incredible riffs. The audience surrounding him was in full energy, supporting Gibbons’ flex of his skill that everyone loved to see.

Hinting that he’s also enjoying the vibe around the stage, Gibbons exclaimed “Come on, play it one more time!” to the band, and continued to do this one-hand antic until the end of the clip.

Watch Billy Gibbons’ one-handed trick of the guitar below.