Watch Back In 1979 When Outlaws Perform ‘Hurry Sundown’

Watch Back In 1979 When Outlaws Perform ‘Hurry Sundown’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Classic Rock on MV / YouTube

The American rock band Outlaws paved the music scene with their irresistible touch of southern and country rock throughout most of their songs. But while it’s nice to gush over their studio-made tracks and albums, sometimes it’s also nice to dwell on their skills as great live musicians.

Back on March 2nd of 1979, Outlaws performed a gig where they were seen performing their song “Hurry Sundown” from their third LP of the same name. The four members of the group by the names of Hughie Thomasson, Henry Paul, Billy Jones, and Harvey Dalton Arnold (replacing Frank O’Keefe on bass duties) all contributed to the vocals and songwriting of this particular gem of an album. And while they consider their musical styles in the Southern rock genre, to this point, they were diving more into their country roots for music.

Inside the clip, the crowd hollered at the start of their performance, clearly waiting for what’s about to happen. The countryside vocals are well paired with the melodic song orchestration that was circulating the whole concert arena. Plus that mesmerizing guitar solo is everything.

It’s a one night that will never be forgotten from these legends.

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