Watch And Relive John Fogerty & Friends In Oakland 1989 Performing ‘Fortunate Son’

Watch And Relive John Fogerty & Friends In Oakland 1989 Performing ‘Fortunate Son’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Perhaps one of the greatest anti-war songs ever made, “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival is the right definition of a protest anthem. During the times of despair caused by wars, one man by the name of John Fogerty wrote this to seemingly open the eyes of many people that war will never be the answer.

So, any chance that this song will be performed live, is a moment to be remembered.

Back in 1989, at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium in Oakland, California, John Fogerty took a shot at performing this controversial song for everyone to enjoy. Fogerty, who always refused to perform any CCR materials in the span of his solo career due to bitter disputes from his old record company, has finally come to terms when he began to play this quintessential track in front of thousands of people. Together with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir, they were called John Fogerty and Friends for the night.

The energy surrounding the arena was intense and exciting, and the concert-goers seem to be having a nice time, singing the lines of this famous track, knowing it heart-to-heart. Fogerty looked like he enjoyed it as well, as he showcased his amazing guitar skills and vibrant singing.

The ending part was repeated more than the usual, and it all came to a wondrous halt of a performance.

Check it out here.