Watch An Intimate Interview Of Tom Petty

Watch An Intimate Interview Of Tom Petty | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Crazy Laugh Action / Youtube

Celebrity friendships are rare, and you could consider yourself lucky if you found someone who can also see the real you behind the bright lights and dozen cameras. For Garry Shandling and Tom Petty, they knew that their unexpected bond goes further than what the others cannot see in front of them.

In a rare interview with the comedian Garry Shandling, the man behind the famous Larry Sanders Show and It’s Garry Shandling’s show, he had visited his guest and longtime friend Tom Petty at his house in Los Angeles. The two were goofing around and talking as if the cameras weren’t pointing at them. Their chemistry is off the hook; you can clearly say that the two were having fun while filming. And they don’t have to feel the lingering awkwardness, since every once in a while, the two of them would pop in a joke.

Both of them discussed their life as a musician for Petty and a comedian/writer for Shandling. While still being funny, eventually the discussion went to a more serious tone, with the two of them reviewing the life they’re living and how well do they cope up with it. “Two farmers on acid”, Petty ended the interview on a funny note. 

The video is mere proof that the rockstar from Gainesville and the comedian from Chicago, even at the ends of the spectrum, could also form a friendship, inside and outside music and comedy.

You can watch the video here.