Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ Drummer Is So Underrated – Watch

Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ Drummer Is So Underrated – Watch | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Drums are like the glue that sticks a song together; without its tempo, music just doesn’t feel the same. Rockers like John Bonham, Neil Peart, Keith Moon, and Ginger Baker, they’re the ones who epitomized the cool drummer persona, yet, back in the days where rock & roll was still emerging, we have Jerry Allison’s greatness to keep us entertained.

Buddy Holly & The Crickets were the first ones who pioneered the early versions of the rock genre. Emerging from the likes of Rhythm and Blues, the group was known for their distinct style and their quartet formation, something that the Beatles took inspiration from. For their first appearance at the Ed Sullivan Show, they performed a series of their songs including their single “That’ll Be The Day”, which in turn, become a chart-topping hit after their performance of the said show. The group wore matching outfits, and Buddy Holly wore his trademark horn-rimmed eyeglasses. Holly’s voice is supreme, and the others were more than great, but it was Allison’s drumming that kept the tempo of the song at the right stride, with his criminally underrated tapping. It goes to show that the predecessor of this instrument handled it with such pride and joy in execution. Jerry Allison, you’re the best.

You can watch the band’s performance here.