Watch An Early Bon Scott Interview London 1977

Watch An Early Bon Scott Interview London 1977 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bon Scott interviewed in London, November 1, 1977 - Austech / Youtube

AC/DC’s stronghold of a frontman Bon Scott was a fellow who was hard to forget. His death in 1980 sealed the final chapter of his artistic career, but Bon Scott made a mark in the rock industry, people couldn’t see the band going on without him.

Bon Scott was introduced to the band in a peculiar way, that was when AC/DC was doing a show in Adelaide, along with Lou Reed and Stevie Wright. The band was playing instrumental versions of classic rock n’ roll songs when Bon Scott was persuaded by a friend to climb onstage and perform with the band.

Vince Lovegrove – Scott’s co-singer in his former band The Valentines, and his personal friend – shared the story of how AC/DC and Bon Scott came to meet. “There was a young, dinky little glam band from Sydney that we both loved called AC/DC … Before another AC/DC visit, George Young phoned me and said the band was looking for a new singer. I immediately told him that the best guy for the job was Bon. George responded by saying Bon’s accident would not allow him to perform, and that maybe he was too old. Nevertheless I had a meeting with Malcolm and Angus, and suggested Bon as their new singer. They asked me to bring him out to the Pooraka Hotel that night, and to come backstage after the show. When he watched the band, Bon was impressed, and he immediately wanted to join them, but thought they may be a bit too inexperienced and too young.”

“After the show, backstage, Bon expressed his doubts about them being “able to rock”. The two Young brothers told Bon he was “too old to rock”. The upshot was that they had a jam session that night in the home of Bon’s former mentor, Bruce Howe, and at the end of the session, at dawn, it was obvious that AC/DC had found a new singer. And Bon had found a new band,” he continued.

Here is a video of an interview with Bon Scott in 1977. Click on the video below to watch the full interview!