Watch AC/DC Perform On Their Best Tour In 1996

Watch AC/DC Perform On Their Best Tour In 1996 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

AC/DC Portugal / Youtube

All praise to these Australian rockers who shared their distinctive talents for rock and roll as they performed their classic song “Back In Black” in Sydney, Australia back in the year 1996.

Inside the iconic live performance on the band’s Ballbreaker Tour, AC/DC did justice to the song dedicated to the previous singer from the group, Bon Scott, who died in 1980. His replacement, Brian Johnson was the one who wrote it, and Johnson had perfectly captured the right attitude of Scott.

The song also contained the famous introductory riff often hailed by others as the greatest riff coming from the band. For the tour, they managed to catch the right vibe and energy coming from the members’ spot-on movements and on-stage presence. It’s evident that each one of them enjoyed playing the song that much.

You can watch and listen to their performance here.