Viral Teen Punk Band the Linda Lindas Sign With Label

Viral Teen Punk Band the Linda Lindas Sign With Label | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Linda Lindas – Epitaph Records /YouTube

Racism and sexism have no place on Earth with these young girls’ all-out performance of their song, “Racist, Sexist Boy.”

The Linda Lindas is an all-Asian-American and Latinx rock group comprised by Lucia de la Garza, and Mila de la Garza, Bela Salazar and Eloise Wong. The group jumpstarted their careers back in 2018 and has written several songs for the Netflix documentary, The Claudia Kishi Club, and Amy Poehler’s movie, Moxie. But right now, they are the coolest kids in town when they began to prove their worth using their iconic song to end the racial and female discrimination once and for all.

“Racist, Sexist Boy” was a song inspired by Mila’s experience before the pandemic began when a schoolmate of hers made a racist comment towards the Chinese community. It prompted her to write this song together with her fellow bandmate, Eloise Wong. Done at the Los Angeles Public Library during the time where Epitaph Records signed the group. The performance was packed with full intensity, and the song’s arrangement was phenomenal. The video was an instant viral hit, skyrocketing these wise girls to fame who used their talents to point out the cruel indifferences of this world.

You can watch the full video here.