Tough Guy On Piano Is Asked To Play Mary Poppins

Tough Guy On Piano Is Asked To Play Mary Poppins | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Youtube / Brendan Kavanagh

And he brings in a crowd!


Imagine just strolling around a public shopping mall with some light live piano as background music and it suddenly turns into a boogie-woogie mindblowing masterpiece rendition of a Mary Poppins medley!

That’s what this professional pianist incognito has been doing around a London mall when he sits down at a piano inside the mall and goes on a full performance of a redux Mary Poppins boogie-and-blues mash up!

Pianist Brendan Kavanagh aka Dr. K sits down at random public pianos and entertains crowds around London. This particular video of him playing his crazy amazing Mary Poppins piano mash-up has gone viral online and has amassed over 7.6 million views on YouTube.

A fun trivia about Dr. K is that he actually has one of the most successful boogie woogie tutorial channels on YouTube. He has a PhD in Eastern Mysticism from University College Cork and has played keyboards with numerous well-known bands including Dexys Midnight Runners. He is widely known as a piano teacher and boogie-woogie and blues scholar and teaches about the art of boogie woogie, blues, and rock n’ roll piano.



In this shopping mall piano performance, with the level of mastery and yes, coolness, that he has put into his mash-up, people couldn’t help but stop, watch, and even take videos of him. One girl even went on to dance the ‘floss’ to Dr K’s upbeat Mary Poppins tunes.

In his other videos, you can see that Brendan has a penchant for costumes. He occasionally dresses up as a police officer or construction worker when he suddenly sits on public or even abandoned pianos at random spots and plays it magnificently people can’t help but stop and listen.

Make sure you follow the Youtube channel: Brendan Kavanagh. He’s a crazy good pianist!