Top 10 Essential Dan Fogelberg Songs

Top 10 Essential Dan Fogelberg Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The 70s catered to a lot of artists that flourished the pop and folk scene altogether. While we could easily associate the genres to Joni Mitchell, Jim Croce, and Don McLean, there’s are also these magnificent underrated artists like Dan Fogelberg to thank for. Also known as a contributor to some of Eagles’ albums, this singer-songwriter rose to stardom through his lovable songs. Below are the essentials:

“Run For the Roses” – The Innocent Age (1981)

The Innocent Age could be best described as the peak of Fogelberg’s artistic endeavor. Three of his four singles were included in the top 10 of Billboard 100, while the fourth one, “Run For the Roses” scored a place in the 18th mark. The song is the unofficial anthem for the Kentucky Derby.

“Part of the Plan” Souvenirs (1974)

Souvenirs were Fogelberg’s 2nd album that was produced by Eagles’ Joe Walsh. It bore a lot of great songs that showcased the singer’s skills in songwriting. A lot of prominent artists like Walsh, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, and Graham Nash provided their talents here.

“Nether Lands” – Nether Lands (1977)

This beautiful song is the opening track to Fogelberg’s 4th album of the same name. Both the album and the song were a play to Netherland, Colorado, where most of the production was held.

“Leader of the Band” – The Innocent Age (1981)

Another gem from his The Innocent Age Album, this genuine song is Dan’s tribute to his father, Lawrence Fogelberg, to thank him for all his sacrifices and love. Lawrence died a year after the song was released.

“Same Old Lang Syne” – The Innocent Age (1981)

This heartbreaking love song about meeting an ex-lover on Christmas Day is so painful. Fogelberg managed to give it all here— the old pain of reminiscing. It’s also commonly played on radio stations when the holidays are coming.

“Longer” – Phoenix (1979)

This was Dan’s highest chart-topping single from the entirety of his career, peaking at no. 2 in the Billboard 100. While he was a rock-driven icon in the 70s, this soft pop song was the one that catapulted him to mainstream success.

“The Language of Love” – Windows and Walls (1984)

This emotional rock song is proof that Fogelberg has the skills for being a rock player. Timothy Schmit also provided his vocals here.

“The Power of Gold” – Twin Sons of Different Mothers (1978)

Dan’s 5th album was a collaborative effort with jazz flutist Tim Weisberg, which can also be seen on the album’s cover. “The Power of Gold” is the only chart-topping single, reaching the no. 24 spot for the Billboard Top 100.

“Love Gone By” – Nether Lands (1977)

This wondrous track makes use of country-rock and folky pop all fused to create an astounding piece of music. Don Henley contributed his voice for this one, singing the backing vocals.

“Aspen/These Days” – Captured Angel (1975)

This mesmerizing track is an opener to Fogelberg’s Captured Angel album. Listening to this could give you a mesmerizing feeling, with the singer’s emotional voice and striking guitar riffs that make all the difference.