5 Essential Songs From The Guess Who You Need To Hear

5 Essential Songs From The Guess Who You Need To Hear | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Canadian rock group The Guess Who became known for their classic fusion of pop and psychedelic rock through most of their songs. While the band’s longevity only lasted for a couple of years, their 11 albums proved to be a successful one that launched their careers as true rockers of the music scene. Below is The Guess Who’s top 5 greatest rock songs that you need to hear.

“These Eyes” – Wheatfield Soul (1969)

Their first top 10 hit in the US is “These Eyes” coming from their Wheatfield Soul album. It’s a fusion of all the good things that you ever expected from these guys.

“Shakin’ All Over” – Shakin’ All Over (1965)

The song, originally recorded and released through Chad Allan’s then-band, Chad Allan & the Expressions was then re-released for the band’s debut album of the same name. The Who made a cover version of this song.


“Clap for the Wolfman” – Road Food (1974)

“Clap For The Wolfman” is a groovy song that came from their 1974 album Road Food. It is a tribute to the iconic DJ Wolfman Jack, and the song also provided snippets of him.

“American Woman” – American Woman (1970)

Their incredibly famous hit is also their best song from any of their albums. “American Woman” gave a significant impact on the culture, since it became an unofficial anthem for the Vietnam War protests. But the band insisted that it’s up to the listener’s perception on how to view this on their own.

“No Time” – Canned Wheat (1969)

“No Time” is a song from their 1969 album, Canned Wheat. It didn’t receive enough recognition until 1971 when it was re-released as a new version of their 1970 album, American Woman. The newly-released song reached the 5th spot in US Billboard charts and no. 1 in the Canadian Music charts.