5 Greatest Songs From Fabulous Thunderbirds

5 Greatest Songs From Fabulous Thunderbirds | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds were an American blues rock band that started in Texas. As the New Wave scene bombarded the late 70s growth, they remained superior in giving the people the original blues-rock, and roll songs. While they generated their stardom all thanks for being an opening act to huge artists like the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, they didn’t do well in their record sales. Nevertheless, that couldn’t stop us from picking the 5 greatest songs from these fabulous rockers. Check it out!

“Tuff Enuff” – Tuff Enuff (1986)

Their breakthrough hit is “Tuff Enuff,” a song coming from their 1986 album of the same name. The perfect essentials of blues-rock assemble this one gem of a song all.

“Rock With Me” – Girls Go Wild (1979)

This song shows a strong interplay between the members’ skills in their respective instruments. Girls Go Wild certainly gave a lot of impression to many people, and the song is good proof of that.

“Twist of the Knife” – Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk (1991)

This blues song doesn’t feature the guitar efforts of Jimmy Vaughan, the bandleader. This is since Jimmy partially left the group to record a song with his little brother, Stevie Ray. Its blues vibe is catchy and flavorful.

“Walking to my Baby” – Girls Go Wild (1979)

This old-blues song is one of the highlights of the band’s debut album. Jimmy’s guitar riffs are incredible here.

“Powerful stuff” – Powerful Stuff (1988)

The song was created as a soundtrack album to the film Cocktail (1988) which featured Tom Cruise. Powerful Stuff was also the last album to feature Jimmy Vaughan on guitar.