Tony Iommi Won’t Say No To A Black Sabbath Reunion

Tony Iommi Won’t Say No To A Black Sabbath Reunion | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Tony with Birmingham’s new Black Sabbath Bench. - @blacksabbath / Instagram

Tony Iommi can “never say never” for a potential Black Sabbath reunion.

This December, the 73-year-old musician has been pretty much busy with releasing his first rock single in 8 years, entitled “Scent of Dark.” Apart from the music, the singer also launched a cologne of the same name to mark its debut.

And while Iommi’s solo career is back, people can’t help but ask him about a potential Sabbath reunion. This time, Iommi said “never say never” to that.

“We’ve known in this band you can never say, ‘That’s never gonna happen again,’ because every time we said that, it has,” Iommi said in an interview with Planet Rock Radio. “We never thought we’d get back with Ozzy after the early years. We never thought we’d get back with [Ronnie James] Dio again; we did. So, you just can’t say it’s never gonna happen.”

Although he’s in for a one-off reunion with the classic members, what he doesn’t feel excited about is the long haul of the tour. “It’s just the major touring that has come to a stop,” Iommi expressed. “I wouldn’t wanna do 18-month tours again, but that doesn’t say we wouldn’t do any one-off stuff.”

You can check out Tommy Iommi’s new song below.