This Rainy Instrumental Guitar Playlist Featuring The Beatles’ Songs Is All You Need

This Rainy Instrumental Guitar Playlist Featuring The Beatles’ Songs Is All You Need | I Love Classic Rock Videos

UNITED KINGDOM - CIRCA 1960: The Beatles in the United Kingdom, circa 1960. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Looking to unwind after a long tiring day? Cuddle weather but no one to cuddle with? Or just feeling the hipster vibe with coffee and book in hand? This hour-long acoustic compilation of The Beatles’ tracks is perfect for you! This legendary band from the 60’s surely brought us songs that would forever be imprinted in history, and now take form as soothing instrumentals.

Youtube content creator¬†Ian Gregory Blain¬†blesses us with his relaxing rendition of The Beatles’ classics, all compiled in one video! Starting with 1965 hit “In My Life“, the playlist greets us with an emotional yet surprisingly light feeling, plucked strings bringing solace to troubled souls. “Here, There, and Everywhere” continues the narrative with a slightly heavier evocation of longing, Paul’s imaginary voice singing along to the melody. “You’re Going to Lose That Girl” enters the scene next, lightening the mood up with its jumpy progression, you’ll be finding yourself head-bobbing to the tune in no time. Other inclusions are “Come Together“, baring its fangs even in its acoustic version, and “She Loves You“, with its upbeat melody, perfect for grooving and jiving with the rhythm.

The beauty of acoustic instrumentals is that even without lyrics and singing, the track doesn’t feel incomplete. It’s because the instrument fills the singing parts, or better yet, you do! Participation is on another level, where you can belt out your own artistic rendition. Whether you’re going for a long drive in the rain, or staying in bed all cozy and comfy, this playlist is the perfect addition to the rainy day experience. Heck, rain isn’t even required to listen to great music!

Pop this on the stereo and get ready for a whole new reinvention of relaxation.