The Story Of Why Iggy Pop Smokes Spider Webs To Get High

The Story Of Why Iggy Pop Smokes Spider Webs To Get High | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Iggy Pop - The Jonathan Ross Show / Youtube

The Godfather of Punk didn’t get his title solely from being a progenitor of the genre. Iggy Pop’s reputation for living an excessive life, namely the rabbit hole that was drug use.

Iggy adapted to the ever-changing cultures and societal evolution of the times but has always been consistent in terms of his creative vision. But as much as he was dedicated to delivering his craft onstage, Iggy was just as unhinged off it. His uncontrollable behavior eventually began seeping into his commitments, spouting some of the most ridiculous stories in rock and roll history.

While he’s been long sober now, the punk trailblazer vividly remembers these events that made him infamous in the scene. He said: The drugs went away gradually. The outbursts got fewer and farther between. The big turn for me came when my body began to remember all the times it felt bad. Then I became very, very strong. I really don’t want to crawl under the table and shiver and see little mice running under my eyes for the next fourteen hours. I don’t want my confidence for the next twenty-two gigs fucked with.”

He’s been admired by many for his comeback to sobriety, and even uses self-deprecating humor to poke fun at his past misdeeds. In an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Iggy shared a funny story in the middle of promoting his new album. Ross asked him about the time the Stooges frontman electrocuted himself when he stuck his tongue inside a plug socket. “Well it was an electric train transformer,” he corrected the host.

Iggy also got creative with the ways he wanted to get high on, saying: “I tried spider webs too. I tried to smoke them. You know you’ve got to start somewhere.” 


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