The Story Of “Think I’m In Love” By Eddie Money

The Story Of “Think I’m In Love” By Eddie Money | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eddie Money for "Think I'm In Love" music video - EddieMoneyVEVO / Youtube

Eddie Money was held in a predicament when his most recent release, Playing For Keeps, didn’t perform as expected, not even reaching the Top 40 charts with any of its singles. Time was ticking – it was the summer of 1982 and the rocker needed to dish out a hit.

So, by June of the same year, Money returned with the comeback album No Control, which was headlined by its first single “Think I’m In Love.” Money enlisted the help of veteran songwriter Randy Oda – who is best known for his contributions to John Fogerty – which propelled the song to where it is now. “Think I’m In Love” hit the Top 20 bracket of the charts, settling at #16 on the Hot 1oo of Billboard, and even went all the way to the top on the Billboard Top Tracks charts. The song has been given the pop-culture treatment since then, being featured in films like Joe Dirt and Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Money played the role of Dracula in the comedic music video, saying, “‘Think I’m in Love’ was great, because the whole thing was me as Dracula, and my ex-wife was in the video – a very pretty girl. It turns out the whole thing twists around – where she’s biting my neck instead of me biting her. It was a cute video – we shot it in a castle.”