The Story Of Pink Floyd Forming A Football Team

The Story Of Pink Floyd Forming A Football Team | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Paul A. Parris / YouTube

Someone may hear the name Pink Floyd and will immediately remember them as one of the finest progressive rock bands there is. Seeing them as titans of the genre is a mere implication that they have contributed enough records to prove that they’re supreme geniuses in each craft that they have mastered.

While we all missed the friendship that the band shared with one another, hoping that there will be a non-hostile Pink Floyd reunion; chances like these are only wishful thinking. But the band wasn’t always so antagonistic with one another. At one point during the early days, the band even created a team for them to bond over the one sport that they love the most: football.

It’s the truth worth knowing that Pink Floyd were massive fans of the sport, and even managed to play it during their free time. All of the members (Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason) loved to become a part of something big, thus forming the team named “P.F.F.C.”

It’s unknown whether they were any good at the sport they’re delving themselves in, but we’re guessing that as longtime fans, they’ve been pretty decent. They play in London and have journalists pitted against them. In the video given below, Waters revealed his position while playing the sport (which was goalkeeper) and even shared a thing or two about it.

You can watch the video below.