The Story Of Neal Schon and John Enwhistle’s Supposed Superband

The Story Of Neal Schon and John Enwhistle’s Supposed Superband | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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At one point, we almost had an unexpected The Who-Journey supergroup. Journey’s guitarist Neal Schon revealed all the details in his interview from Talk with Jericho.

Both The Who and Journey established themselves to be one of the finest classic rock bands there is in music. Each of them became prominent in different fields in rock – hard rock for the Who and arena rock for Journey – but equally respected in their chosen path. The Who’s long career as a performing group saw them rise to prominence with a reckless, hard-rock image. John Entwistle, a member of the band, contributed bass as well as vocals for several of the albums. However, when drummer Keith Moon died of sudden drug overdose, The Who went on a long hiatus, which prompted Entwistle to initially decide to form a supergroup of his choice.

Neal Schon, in a recent interview, said that he and Entwistle had contemplated establishing a band together when the latter realized The Who weren’t going anywhere just yet. When Schon visited the bassist at his house, he was taken aback to learn that the musician actually resides in a castle. Schon said:

“I was hanging out with John Entwistle at that time. We were considering doing a band together. The Who were not working at that time. So, he invited me to come to his house in Gloucestershire, England, which was way out of the country. I showed up at his house, and he has these great house walls; he’s in his castle. Freaking, you know.”

In addition to spending a lot of time together, the two also began writing music that day.

“I’m hanging out with him there, and we were trying to write,” Schon added. We didn’t get much done. We ended up hanging out more and just getting high and acting stupid.”

The reason why the supposed supergroup never unfolded was unknown to us; but at least at that point, the thought which occurred in John Entwistle’s mind would’ve been the thing that shall be deemed legendary today.