The Story Of Jimmy Page’s Forgotten Guitar From Joe Walsh

The Story Of Jimmy Page’s Forgotten Guitar From Joe Walsh | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimmy Page- Gebunden96 /YouTube

The one great guitar associated with the iconic name of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin is none other than his Gibson Les Paul. Dubbed by Page as his “mistress and his wife,” except “it doesn’t ask for an alimony,” we knew it all along that this is the guitar that symbolizes the power and supremacy that Jimmy Page has.

Back then, the Gibson Les Paul was owned by Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh during his James Gang days. In 1969, Walsh decided to let go of his guitar once he saw Jimmy Page admiring the instrument. In a May 2012 interview, Walsh reminisced the moment of transaction with Page: “I laid it on him and said, ‘Try this out. He really liked it, so I gave him a good deal, about $1,200.” Walsh was being generous to Page, as he felt that the guitarist should have his prized Gibson Les Paul.

Page bought the guitar from Walsh back in 1969 and has been closely linked to the guitarist for many years. It has been in his possession for decades and has also been Page’s go-to guitar during performances. (Klonopin)

Below is a rather special video of Jimmy Page giving us a closer look at his beloved mistress and wife.