Watch Charlie Watts Reflects On Old Age & Discusses Heroin

Watch Charlie Watts Reflects On Old Age & Discusses Heroin | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Raised on Radio / YouTube

Rolling Stones’ supreme drummer Charlie Watts had a fair share of ups and downs in his life as a performer. Being a part in one of the greatest rock bands in history, it’s inevitable to explore the stardom life without going on the wrong side of the road.

Watts was always praised for being a private and normal person that he was, unlike his fellow bandmates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood, the ones whom trouble seems to follow. Watts was never in it for the money nor the girls, and was a great family man. For him, he thought such a life is too hard to maintain, so he avoided it as much as he could.

Yet, that did not mean that path that he took was all rainbows and sunshine. At one point, he delved himself to the sins of drugs and alcohol, an addiction that took years and almost lost him the valuable things in life.

During an interview of him inside the TV show 60 minutes back in 1993, Watts opened much about his life as a performer. He admitted to having fun as a performer in the later years of his career, and didn’t like the idea of screaming girls whenever he performed before. He also opened up about his addiction, in which he thought he was still on the normal state, ‘til he found himself losing almost his wife and family.

You can watch the clip below.