Jason Bonham Shares What’s It Like Being Bonzo’s Son To Sammy Hagar

Jason Bonham Shares What’s It Like Being Bonzo’s Son To Sammy Hagar | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via AXS TV / Youtube

It’s been four decades since legendary drummer John Bonham died due to accidental death from alcohol. The whole world mourned for the loss of the icon, who made history as one of the greatest drummers in rock. He was indeed a cut above the rest.

So, what was it like to be John Bonham’s son? We all knew him as a man who broke barriers, the man who doesn’t leave the stage without blowing people’s minds, and the man who truly embodied the real rock star drummer. Jason Bonham, Bonzo’s son, is here to answer all your questions.

In a recent interview of Sammy Hagar with Jason, he recalled the moments of his life where he can remember vividly his father. As a young child, Bonzo made sure to relay his deep passion for drumming, something that the young Jason couldn’t understand yet.

Hagar then asked Jason if there’s any chance that he would not follow in his footsteps if it were not for his dad, to which, Bonham said: “Sadly for me if he hadn’t passed, I don’t think I would have continued drumming.” Bonham revealed that as a kid, he was into race bikes and got an opportunity to shine in that spotlight. When the time came for Bonzo’s death to shocked everybody, it was only a matter of time for Jason to make his dad proud as he picked up the sticks and continued his legacy.

You can watch the full interview below.