The Story Of David Bowie’s Unlikely Duet

The Story Of David Bowie’s Unlikely Duet | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via James Christian Jr. / YouTube

There’s something about Christmas TV specials that makes your heart flutter. While many have their own picks as favorites, still, nothing beats the classic take of Bing Crosby’s legendary Merrie Olde Christmas— especially with David Bowie in it.

The show aired 5 weeks after the death of Crosby, which makes it even more sentimental. The show takes us on the journey of Crosbys to England, at an invitation to spend Christmas there with their long-lost relative, “Sir Percival Crosby.” On their arrival at Percy’s home, they’ve encountered different people, including his neighbor, the handsome David Bowie.

For Bowie’s part, he stopped to play the piano and altogether made jokes with Bing about the holidays. What happened next was totally unexpected yet wonderful: Crosby and Bowie duet to the Christmas song, “Little Drummer Boy.” The singer segues to another holiday classic “Peace on Earth” which makes it fascinating.

It was truly an unusual way of promoting Bowie’s Heroes album by joining in yuletide merriment. But it all worked out for the best indeed, as Bowie and Crosby’s delightful blending of voices truly marked the good spirit that the holidays can bring.

Watch Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s take on “Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth here.