10 Greatest Rick Nielsen Songs In Cheap Trick

10 Greatest Rick Nielsen Songs In Cheap Trick | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Rick Nielsen doesn’t shy away from giving what’s the best for Cheap Trick. Being the primary songwriter to a band that’s a cut above the rest; it’s only obvious to state that Nielsen did an incredible job for shaping the sound and style that Cheap Trick is well known for. Below, we’ve rounded up these 10 Cheap Trick songs courtesy of Rick Nielsen; fortunately for us, Cheap is only their name and not their motto.


“Love Comes a-Tumblin Down” – All Shook Up (1980)

Nielsen wrote this song in tribute to the memory of his late friend, AC/DC frontman Bon Scott. Both of their bands became acquainted with each other in the 70s, so it’s quite sincere for the musician to immortalize Scott with this amazing tune from All Shook Up.

“Woke Up With a Monster” – Woke Up With a Monster (1994)

The criminally underrated Woke Up With a Monster album has songs that are also criminally underrated. The title track of the same name has its own charm, even though it’s a bit rough on the edges.

“Mandocello” – Cheap Trick (1977)

One of the tricks inside the sleeve of Cheap Trick was “Mandocello,” a surprisingly great song named after a guitar that’s part of the Mandolin family. Oh, and the instrument’s sound is also the highlight of the song.

“Need Your Love” – Cheap Trick At Budokan (1979)

Cheap Trick’s “Need Your Love” is always a highlight from any of their live shows. It’s not hard to know why, since the song practically made them famous; with this live version from Japan, you’ll need no introduction.

“You’re All Talk” – In Color (1977)

In Color has truly disappointed Cheap Trick as they have thought that the mixing of the final album truly degraded the raw sound and correct energy that the band was aiming at that time. But “You’re All Talk” stood high among the rest, making it a gem from all the common stones of Cheap Trick.

“The House Is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems)” – Dream Police (1979)

Nielsen’s command of guitar riffs is remarkable from start to finish here. The song whiffs with all of Cheap Trick’s fantastic essentials.

“Dream Police” – Dream Police (1979)

Among others, this song is a rare one for the band as it features Rick Nielsen on lead vocals. “Dream Police” is a staple to every Trick concert, with simple riffs and a jolly chorus.

“The Ballad of TV Violence” – Cheap Trick (1977)

Cheap Trick’s debut album is easily their best album; every one of the members has displayed all of their talents neatly. The song tells us about the serial killer Richard Speck and this is sung from his narrative. Nielsen’s shivering guitar strokes are nothing short of extraordinary.

“Heaven Tonight” – Heaven Tonight (1978)

Both Trick bassist Tom Petersson and Nielsen co-wrote this haunting classic from the album of the same name. The story tells us the effects of drugs that lead to one’s passing.

“Please Mrs. Henry” – Rock Band (1977)

The entirety of Cheap Trick is on fire here! While the song never had its own studio version, a live version was included in the Sex, America and Cheap Trick box set.