The Story Behind Aerosmith Bailing Out Fans

The Story Behind Aerosmith Bailing Out Fans | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Aerosmith live in 2018 - cleora28cash6956 / Youtube

The bad boys from Boston were known for their excessive lifestyle of booze, girls, and drugs. And while Aerosmith had already put past the hedonistic life they once lived, their legendary stories still have that charm worth telling to anyone who wishes to know.

Take note that in the 70s, pretty much every band that rose to prominence were hardcore partygoers. Aerosmith were of no exception to the rule, and they’ve had their fair share of struggles. Back in October 3, 1978, the band was scheduled to perform live at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana for their Live! Bootleg tour. Per usual, security gathered upfront to avoid any unnecessary ruckus, but fans paid no mind. In turn, cops rolled out and arrested kids who were drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Among those arrested was Steven Tyler’s touring seamstress.

It was enough for Tyler to rebel against the police, and he took a moment to stop the show. By then, the authorities also threatened to arrest the singer for enticing riot. The arrested fans totaled up to 28 people.

The next morning, Aerosmith’s accountant took time to settle the matter and paid $4000 to bail out those who were arrested.