The Song Brian May Used To Try To Surpass Freddie Mercury

The Song Brian May Used To Try To Surpass Freddie Mercury | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian May appears on The One Show, 2019 - QueenAbsolute / Youtube

Even in one of the best bands in history, there may occasionally be an underlying rivalry among the members. Some bands, like Queen, consistently manage to keep things amicable despite the fact that these rivalries may cause significant disputes in some ensembles.

Queen is renowned for its classic songs, many of which were written by Brian May and Freddie Mercury, two musical geniuses. May not only have a gift for composing catchy guitar riffs and solos, but he also has a penchant for penning strong, anthemic songs that connect with listeners. However, Freddie was a superb storyteller who excelled at developing characters and plotlines through his songs. Even though these two were renowned for their distinctive partnerships, there are some tales about their unspoken competition. Mercury himself really disclosed one of those tales.

Although it was never discussed in public, devoted Queen fans would believe that Freddie and Brian had a friendly rivalry. A famous song by Queen, “Tie Your Mother Down,” was composed by May in retaliation to Mercury’s “Death On Two Legs,” according to Freddie during a Capital Radio interview.

“This one is a track written by Brian actually; I dunno why.” Mercury opened up, discussing “Tie Your Mother Down.” “I think he was sort of … one of his vicious moods. I think he’s trying to outdo me after ‘Death On Two Legs,’ actually.”

Every member always encouraged the others to perform better by frequently penning their own tunes. In this instance, Brian May was attempting to write “Tie Your Mother Down” in a way that was superior to Freddie Mercury’s “Death On Two Legs.”