Lou Gramm’s Favorite Rock Singer Revealed

Lou Gramm’s Favorite Rock Singer Revealed | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Oscar Paris / YouTube

No man is an island; even in the music business, artists still have to find inspiration from their contemporaries. The influences and inspirations that have shaped rock music throughout the years can be evident in anything from how performers mix various musical genres to how they pay respect to their idols.

Lou Gramm has made a big contribution to the music business as a musician as well. He has become one of the most known voices in rock music because of his expressive and forceful vocal style as well as his knack for writing songs that are memorable and catchy. In addition to countless awards and recognition for his achievements in the business, he has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. He even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In an interview with Metal Voice, Lou Gramm recently listed his top four performers which he finds inspiration too.

“We had a chance to talk before 2012. You told me that one of your favorite singers was Aretha Franklin,” journalist Neil Turbin opened up, to which Gramm agreed. He also added to his list, the legendary singer Marvin Gaye.

In terms of rock music, the Foreigner singer mentioned former Beatle John Lennon, “for sure.” And in rockabilly music, he said: “Buddy Holly. Absolutely, Buddy Holly. As a matter of fact, there’s a song on four and four called ‘Luan.’ Did you ever hear it? It’s just a slight take off on… not a particular Buddy Holly song, but his style.”